Fire Your Old Blueprint! Week 23

Oh my gosh, I can’t even come up with a title this week. The last two weeks we have had homework to be silent. Time did not allow me to do that the first week. Probably should have found time in hind sight. I always think I can work things out on my own, after all, we did have two weeks, right?

There I went again right back to my OLD BLUEPRINT! I so hate being wrong.  I suppose the good Lord had other ideas for me. He made me silent and I hated it because I had no control. Yes, the stomach virus hit me and then my husband, Doug the next day.  We were both silent and became very anxious inside. Actually, I think I just wanted to go outside and scream or maybe I was becoming delusional. Weird dreams, eyes wouldn’t focus, and even though I wanted to focus on this viral silence I couldn’t.

All bad things come to an end. We had to get better, we had our grandson’s first birthday party to go to on Sunday. (today) I had been feeling better so I was able to enjoy the celebration, but my husband was still down.

So backing up one day to Saturday I was able to go to a meeting for my financial home based business. Now mind you our speakers came all the way from California to talk and help us in our business. Some of you may know them. They are Mark and Sue Younger and we all work with the greatest financial company in the world, Primerica.

As Sue started to talk she had us write this down. “What STUFF is holding me back?” Oh my gosh, did my OLD BLUEPRINT come back to haunt me and I wasn’t very happy with myself. I could have written a book at that point! Then she asked, “Do you want to make a difference?” I am of course having a self talk with myself saying, ” of course I want to make a difference.”

Moral of the story is, “do it now, because you know not what tomorrow will bring.”

I have a feeling I am going to find time to have many more silent times because I will find the time.

Just one last thought! Keep chipping away at that old blueprint and keep adding to the new one.


Personality…..Plus! Week 22

This last week has been a bit of a challenge with my old blue print. It has been telling me that it’s alright to wait till tomorrow.  I felt myself finding excuses not to do what I should be doing.  I think that’s called procrastination! Ya think?? But as I start to write my blog thoughts are coming back full circle.  As I sit here typing thoughts just come to mind of the week past. Yes, I can honestly say that this last week has been exhausting. I come home, land on my recliner, graze on food I shouldn’t be eating (my husband is working swing shift so I don’t have to cook).  Every day I think about what I can give up for a few days or even two. I have stayed of Twitter but that is not enough of a challenge for me. So I will continue to look deeper into my heart this week.

My trait for the week has been a  ” pleasing personality.” I say this very humbly, but I usually do not have a problem having a pleasing personality. I choose to not take my problems to work with me. I try to leave my judgements at home.  I love being with people and tend to be more outgoing when I am with a client or working in the school system. I love people in general.  And when I am at home I become a little bit more subdued.

As I charge into this week I do it with love in my heart!


Organized Well…or…Well Organized? Week 21


So what is the answer? All I can tell you is that some days are better than others.  So if you came to my house you would see that my dining table has piles of “organized” piles right now. Taxes in one pile and  then the proverbial shoe box with my business taxes, mail and those grocery coupons I have yet to cut out.

Let’s go into the kitchen. UHG! I usually pride myself in keeping my kitchen clean and ‘organized,” But tonight honestly, I just don’t feel like “organizing” things. I am sure you ladies understand what I am saying. The thought just came to me, of when our boys were home. Mom cooked and they did the dishes and  “organized” to the best of their ability. Maybe I should call them! Or not, and just enjoy the memories. Those were the days!

Then my husband insisted we get a new mattress which was delivered today. I guess you could say that I had to “reorganize” and remove all the items under the old bed frame. Then vacuum and dust. Yes I found some dead flies and stink bugs! So that room is done.

I have to admit that  “MY” end table needs a little help. It has my coffee warmer. (most important) My note cards, cell phone, stapler, pens, eye drops and my essential oils. Then there is this small basket that all of this chaos goes into. Fifteen seconds later it’s in the basket and I am organized. Who am I kidding? But it IS all in one place!

On a serious note I really do feel that I am getting more organized, not with material things but with my subby. Subby is finally listening to me when I tell it to DO IT NOW, NOT TOMORROW! It takes me a while and yes I am a little stubborn (I get it from my dad) but this stuff really works if you let it.

I told my husband a long time ago that he can’t complain about my office or craft room and I can’t complain about his shop! What looks like chaos to one person is pure organization to another

The girl in the glass says it works for me!

Decisiveness? Common Sense? Week 20

Hey everybody!  Hope you all have had a great week! I feel so good today. I was so deserving to take a day off today just for me, that is until my husband gets home. My son and daughter-in-law are having us over to dinner so……..ya, I don’t have to cook! Get to see my grandson. What could be better? Nothing! I am happy and I hope you are too!

As I was trying to come up with times I have been decisive this week I started to struggle, until I actually went through my week with just me, myself and I. As I went through all that I had done I thought, “I have been doing this all week!”


Having the power of quality of deciding, putting an end to controversy; crucial or most important;

characterized by or displaying no or little hesitation resolute; determined


is a basic ability to perceive, understand and judge things, which is share by

(“common to”) nearly all


Don’t we all do this from the time we get up in the morning? We decide what to wear and what to eat.  So what is so hard about being decisive? Some days our decisiveness is not in our best “judgement.” I get that, I am human! When I let my mind wander I kept thinking well that all is just common sense”.  UMMMM….. so I looked it up.

So if my subby is in working order then commonsense hits first and then decisiveness. What a concept!

I love MLMMK! I never thought at my age I would be learning all this about myself, life and the world around me. And I thought when I was a teenager  knew


Feeling Lost in an Upside Down World-Week 19

Have you ever felt like just throwing in the towel?

Well I know I have!

Have you ever felt like a loser?

I have!

Have you ever felt you let everyone else down?

Oh Ya!

But in reality we only let ourselves down!

Yes, I let myself down this week

Not in sync!



I choose to forgive myself, have persistence, show kindness, take the initiative, smother myself with knowledge, have the courage to trust my heart, work on self-control and…



Courage! Week 18

This last week was busy as usual not finding time to do the things I wanted to do or maybe it was just not using my time effectively? Probably the latter!

“Courage” was my word (virtue) for this week. Not an easy thing for me to do……….however…I find that I am a people pleaser and always feeling that I need to do what is expected of me. I had a lot of things that went on this last week and I was emotionally and physically drained. I went back and forth in my head as to what to do. Go to the meeting I intended to go to or not.

I finally said to myself, “remember your word “courage.” Yes, I got home, texted and called and said why I wasn’t going. Yes, I had the courage to say no and take care of me.

The rest of the week went well. Some days I just have to have to slow down and take time for me so I can continue to be the miracle I was born to be.

I Am My Own Hero On a Life Long Journey- Week 17-(2)

I really found myself hunting for the time to accomplish my “specialized knowledge.” However, when I went back on my week I found out that I had been doing it all along. I have always wanted to read the Bible through in a year. Well……….I received a daily devotional from my daughter-in-law for Christmas. She didn’t know it and neither did I, but the devotional went with my One Year Bible. It has been like going back to Sunday School when I was younger. I thought back then that I would forever remember what I learned. I was sadly mistaken. I have learned so much that I hadn’t remembered. It is so exciting because I have actually stayed with it all month. that is saying a lot for me. Ya, I’m pretty proud of myself! And reading the Bible is the best “specialized knowledge” I could think of getting.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I worked for the Head Secretary at my neighborhood school. As I am technically challenged I had  just one challenge. Yes it had to do with that screen they call a computer. I followed the directions the secretary left me but to no avail. I can’t tell you how many times I printed the page in hopes that it would work. Again and again I recycled paper. The Attendance Secretary was my witness. She told me that she witnessed that I tried and tried. So you ask, did you ever accomplish the challenge. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I was frustrated because I have always been the person that likes to leave everything in order for the next person. But I did do the best that I could. so the next step is to “take initiative” and go back to school and have the secretary show me what I missed.

I have started to go back and read and internalize some of the back lessons. Every time I read Og or prepare myself to do my lessons I am learning more about myself and the world around me. I have to tell myself that is all ‘specialized knowledge.”

It has been fun incorporating all the past words each week along with learning something new about yourself. After all this is all about me and how I accept myself as God’s greatest miracle!